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Advanced Technology

Advanced TechnologyHere at Douglas R. Roth, DDS, we are dedicated to providing our patients with top-of-the-line treatment and the latest in advanced technology.

Thanks to the following advances in dental technology, we can detect oral disease earlier, make natural teeth last longer, and maintain healthy gums easier than ever before.

Digital Radiography: Compared to film-based systems, digital radiography reduces radiation exposure by up to 80 percent. Our practice follows the ALARA principle: As Low As Reasonably Achievable. This safety principle suggests using as minimal radiation exposure as reasonable means allow. Digital radiography minimizes the risk to both the patient and operator right out of the box. Unlike film, digital images can be magnified, sharpened and enhanced for a precise diagnosis. When stored for comparison later on, the computer can highlight the areas that are different to show where changes have occurred. This feature allows both the dentist and patient to have an understanding of how the mouth is changing and identify any potential problem areas early on.

Intraoral Camera: Our practice uses intraoral camera technology to enhance your understanding of your diagnosis and allow you to see what is going on within the mouth. Using this mini camera, these images are clearly defined and enlarged so we can see details that we couldn’t before in standard examinations. Intraoral cameras bridge the gap between doctor and patient while providing a faster diagnosis, earlier, with less chair-time for you.

We use other advanced technologies throughout our practice, including oral cancer screenings as well as precision treatment and implant imaging. Here at Douglas R. Roth, DDS we pride ourselves on our continuing education and want all of our patients to have access to the latest and best in advanced dental technology.

If you have any questions about advanced technology or would like to schedule an appointment don’t hesitate to contact us today at (408) 978-2060.